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We empower individuals all around the world. We are growing a community of Warriors dedicated to Changing the World.

We create content in the form of podcasts, articles, meditations, affirmations, social media posts/videos, and more. We have a lot available for you on several different platforms! Get your motivation on our Instagram or on our Facebook Page. Maybe you want to be inspired by James on TikTok  or Alex on TikTok! You can watch The Personality Movement Podcast on Spotify. You can also listen on iTunes, Breaker, Google Podcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Stitcher, Audible and iHeart Radio! Watch on YouTube Here! 

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Our Mission with The Personality Warrior Program

We empower individuals all around the world. We are growing a community of Warriors dedicated to Changing the World. Warriors who will do whatever it takes to Exceed Their Potential. Warriors who will assist, inspire, encourage and educate other Warrior to Become World Changers!

We believe in you, We know there is a World Changer within You!

You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

Everyone who understands their own personality, seeks to understand others and more genuinely connect is a Mover and a part of The Personality Movement! This has transformed into a powerful Worldwide Movement that you can be apart of! We need each of you to bring one new Mover to The Personality Movement! As The Movement Grows so does our Impact! We teach individuals how to leverage their unique traits to improve every aspect of their lives and organization they are apart of. Begin an amazing transformation in your life and help solve the Personality Puzzle!

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I truly believe that starting down The Personality Warrior Path will allow you to Exceed Your Potential. The Personality Warrior Program is the most advanced personal development system on the planet. Starting down The Personality Warrior Path isn't for everyone. Are you someone who wants to Change the World? Are your dreams and goals extreme? Personality Warrior Training is a custom developed system designed just for your exact Personality Blend. This is where you begin, this is where you change everything and start your Journey to Becoming a World Changer. I look forward to working with you!

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Inspiring Warriors to become World Changers is one of the main missions of The Personality Movement. Every Warrior who stays the course on The Personality Warrior Path will become a World Changer. It is your Destiny. I know we are going to Inspire thousands of Warriors to become World Changers. You can be a part of it. I believe when You learn to truly Step Into Your Potential you are operating on a higher level of consciousness. You are focused on the bigger picture and having a multi generational impact. A World Changer has all of their own needs met and help and influences everyone they meet! Want to be a World Changer but aren't quite there yet? Help spread the word about our Be a World Changer Collection on! 

I want to be a World Changer!
The Personality Movement

Personality Warrior Ethos

I will never stop, Whatever It Takes. No Excuses. I can, I will, I must. No Days Off! Intensity and mastery fill my days and My Morning are Peaceful, Productive Energizing and Efficient. I will Step Into My Potential and Become a

World Changer!

As a Warrior I live by clear principle centered beliefs


Stay in Spirit


Raise Your Level


Anything is Possible


Abundance Is All I Know


Exceed Your Potential


Delay Gratification


Trust Your Gut


Say It Before You See It


Return With Honor


Master The Difficult and Master Your Craft


Impact Generations


Every Second Adds Up To Your Life


Pursue Excellence in Every Aspect of Life


Be a Warrior Become a World Changer


Forever Pursue Knowledge and Truth

We are Warriors! Act like it!

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