Personal Discovery Questions

These questions are designed to help you look at every aspect of your reality and determine your why. You must know exactly why you are trying to change your life and your why will be supported in every affirmation you make.

Please make sure you are in a place you can calmly reflect on each question. This usually takes a few hours. This time invested will change the rest of your life!

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Question 1 of 75

What do you spend most of your time doing?

Question 2 of 75

Do you change your mind often? Why or Why not?

Question 3 of 75

How much time do you put toward yourself?

Question 4 of 75

Who do you think is the greatest person living right now? What exactly makes them more superior to you?

Question 5 of 75

Do you think you can reach your potential?

Question 6 of 75

Who do you prioritize over your own needs? 

Question 7 of 75

Do you have more positive thoughts or negative ones? Does where you are matter? What about who you are with?

Question 8 of 75

Do you finish what you start?

Question 9 of 75

Out of everyone you know in your life who are the top five people who encourage you the most?

Question 10 of 75

Who are the top two most destructive or negative people in your life? Why are they still in your life?

Question 11 of 75

What do you worry about the most? What is your top fear that you are always thinking about?

Question 12 of 75

Are you good at taking advice? Do you think you should take advice from others? Why or why not?

Question 13 of 75

If you could only have one thing, only accomplish one goal, what would it be?

Question 14 of 75

Are you impressed by status? Do you idolize people with professional titles, advanced degrees, wealth or fame? Why or why not?

Question 15 of 75

How do you determine if someone is helping you or hurting you long term in your life?

Question 16 of 75

Are you someone people run to for support or to unload their worries?

Question 17 of 75

What are your top two destructive traits, behaviors or habits? What are you doing to change?

Question 18 of 75

Really take the time to evaluate who is in your life. Are those you value most really looking out for you? Are some of your top friends really the most negative influence in your life?

Question 19 of 75

Are there people in your life that are there for you when you really need them? Do you treat them well?

Question 20 of 75

Is there a connection between the level of happiness you have and the people you spend the most time with?

Question 21 of 75

Do you face your challenges right away or avoid them as long as possible?

Question 22 of 75

Do you take time to review your mistakes and failures so you can apply what you have learned?

Question 23 of 75

What kind of people want to be your friend? Who do you attract in your life currently? Do you want to attract different people?

Question 24 of 75

Do you take time to simply think? Have you ever set aside thinking time?

Question 25 of 75

Are you easily influenced by others?

Question 26 of 75

Do you have categories of of superiority in your life? Is the president a better person than you? Is a doctor?

Question 27 of 75

How often do you tel yourself you are better than someone you encounter?

Question 28 of 75

What addictions do you have? How long have they controlled you?

Question 29 of 75

Do you take on the difficult or seek easy?

Question 30 of 75

What is your most valued personal item? What do you value the most? How would you feel if it was gone forever?

Question 31 of 75

Have you ever realized you where thinking something in the middle of thinking it? Do you feel your thoughts are under your complete control?

Question 32 of 75

Do you think your thoughts match up with who you believe you are?

Question 33 of 75

Do you have negative beliefs about people who are wealthy?

Question 34 of 75

Do you think drunks or drug addicts are bad people? What about homeless? Why or why not? Do you honestly value a successful person and failure at the same level?

Question 35 of 75

Do you really believe you can manifest your reality?

Question 36 of 75

Do you believe everyone can be successful or just some people?

Question 37 of 75

What beliefs from your parents have you held as your own? Political, religious etc.

Question 38 of 75

What are your top 5 Core Beliefs?


Anything is possible!

Every second adds up to your life!


Do you have any?

Question 39 of 75

What values shape your behavior the most?

Question 40 of 75

Does your religion bring positive into your life or negative?

Question 41 of 75

Do you believe you have an all knowing force within you connected to the very Source of creation?

Question 42 of 75

Do you believe your consciousness has the ability to tap into all know information?

Question 43 of 75

Do you truly study the information of our world or trust the experts?

Question 44 of 75

Does your current occupation fill you with joy and energy every day?

Question 45 of 75

Are you conscious of the spiritual forces and gifts you have within?

Question 46 of 75

How do you defend against negative influences besides avoidance?

Question 47 of 75

Do you fear death, being alone, pain, humiliation, loss or failure? What do you fear the most?

Question 48 of 75

What do you feel your purpose in life is? What are you doing every day to fulfill it?

Question 49 of 75

What story do you tell yourself the most about your life?

Question 50 of 75

Do you ignore issues and circumstances that make you upset?

Question 51 of 75

Do you form your own opinions or are you influenced by others?

Question 52 of 75

Can you honestly say you are always open to new information and willing to change your current beliefs?

Question 53 of 75

Does your presence or involvement have a positive impact?

Question 54 of 75

Who annoys you the most in your life? Why? List as many things as possible that you have in common with this person.

Question 55 of 75

Do you think changing your mind is a good thing or bad thing?

Question 56 of 75

Who nags or picks at you in your life? Why?

Question 57 of 75

Is someone in your life causing you to worry? Why?

Question 58 of 75

Do you turn to substances to relax? Have you ever tried mentally relaxing?

Question 59 of 75

Do you spend all of your time daydreaming?

Question 60 of 75

Do you experience extreme highs and lows in energy and vibration?

Question 61 of 75

When you are irritable and angry do you ever take time to ask what is causing the feelings?

Question 62 of 75

Do you stand by what you say?

Question 63 of 75

Are you good at keeping secrets? Do you keep your word?

Question 64 of 75

Do you tolerate negative that you could avoid?

Question 65 of 75

Are you intentional with how you look or careless?

Question 66 of 75

What inspires you the most? Who inspires you the most? Why?

Question 67 of 75

Are you envious of those who are more successful than you?

Question 68 of 75

Do you make a lot of mistakes at work?

Question 69 of 75

Do you feel rushed all the time?

Question 70 of 75

Are you hopeless?

Question 71 of 75

Are you happy?

Question 72 of 75

Do you seem to gain or lose more friends? Do you think that is good or bad?

Question 73 of 75

Do you believe you are responsible for your life? Do you accept that your thoughts have gotten you to this exact point?

Question 74 of 75

Do you care more about others perception of your success or your actual growth?

Question 75 of 75

Do you think you are trying your best in every area of life?

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