What is a Personality Warrior?

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A Personality Warrior is someone who understands themselves deeply and seeks to understand others while genuinely connecting with everyone they come in contact with. Becoming a Personality Warrior is a life long process. The path you walk to fulfill your destiny is solely your own. Realizing your destiny is World Changing, you have a very special purpose here. It is easy for us to understand that everyone has their own unique path. However, most of us can't seem to accept that we also have our own unique approach. We have to resit mirroring and copying other people's approaches.

I see it all the time. Let me give an example. Lets say a young entrepreneur develops a system to make 1 million dollars in sales in one year. He applies the system over and over and it literally works every time! He makes a fortune and his focus shifts from making money to a desire to share his secrets and help others do the same. He writes and publishes a book. He records his exact approach. He even tells you the mistakes he made in the beginning and adjustments along the way. He spells it out and even gives you the full routine he followed every day.

Millions of people buy the book it hits the New York Best Sellers list and even spends some time in the number one slot after a mention from the Oprah Book Club. Half the people who buy the book don't ever finish the book or apply the principles and techniques that are so perfectly mapped out. They never get the million dollar secrets. The other half of people who bought the book put it to work. Some of them use a few of the ideas but not all of them.

A small percentage of people who purchased the million dollar guide study it deeply. They apply every principle and technique exactly as the author has spelled out and they all become millionaires, right? Not Even Close. Most people walk away feeling defeated. They have to chose between two destructive thoughts. I am incapable or this author is a liar. You think, you are inadequate or this guy just got lucky.  He is some type of super human and I am just normal. How many times have you experienced this? How many times have you diminished your Personal Power making these comparisons?

To anyone reading this who has experienced this and continues to push forward, you are a Warrior. To all of you who will never give up, The Personality Warrior Programs are meant for you. This is Your time. Its time to take A Personality Approach, learn to use The Weapons of a Warrior and Become Lethal Against Failure! You deserve a life filled with true happiness. Before you begin to practice with these weapons you will need to make time and a place for your training, Part of building your arena is starting The Four Pillars of Mind Hacking Mastery. With in those areas of focus you will begin to use different weapons and find your weapons of choice. Train for your battles be the Warrior you know you are.

The Personality Warrior Program are the most advanced personal development systems on the planet. Starting down this path of self improvement isn't for everyone.

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