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Like everything we create in our world The Personality Movement started as a thought. This Movement began as a way to bring hope to the hopeless. Those who felt stuck or trapped, those who could barely keep their head above water. It was a dream to provide a road map for anyone to rise up from any hardship or position. To not just survive but thrive and leave an impact in our world. You don't have to just get by, you can achieve your wildest dreams. I can say that with absolute fact because I was that hopeless person drowning in despair.

The principles in The Personality Warrior Programs literally saved my life. I was in a really bad spot for many years. I experienced great family tragedy, loss of personal belief, loss of status and possessions and deep depression. At my lowest point, when I literally didn't want to live anymore, I thought about how there must be millions of people just like me. I remember sitting there, it was freezing and I was getting firewood to heat my house. I remember thinking about how there are millions of people who have a dream that they want to accomplish that they never will. I started to think about my own challenges and struggles and how it seemed impossible for me to ever make things better. No one was there for me, no one was coming to save the day. I had given up completely on having a good life, I just wanted some comfort and security. I was broken, hopeless and desperate. I was battling a terrible pain in my right side for many years and it was beginning to get worse. The pain was so bad some days I couldn't stand for very long. I came to the conclusion I was probably going to die from it sooner than later. I had gone to the hospital a few times and several doctors but was told I was fine. I began to think about the woman I was with and my family. I started to realize I would leave nothing behind except debt. I would bring more hardship even after I had died. Then there was a panic that my everything, my future wife, would be left in our same terrible situation. This time she would be alone. Who would get fire wood like I am right now? Who will help her get unstuck from the driveway? What about the dogs? Etc. Instantly the answer for the thousands of worries and questions was one thing, money. The more of it the better. I am no help to anyone being broke with no savings. How am i going to make money in the middle of no where as a Personality Specialist? I looked to the internet and social media. I still get goose bumps when I think about the first few days over 15 years ago.

I had read self help books my entire life and was obsessed with positive thinking and the principles of success. I had applied countless techniques and approaches for over 15 years only to constantly be in a state of fear and worry about my life and money. None of it worked. Why? How is it none of the self help principles really worked for me? Was I really going to die without ever reaching my potential? I went back to the basics. I reread Think and Grow Rich and The 7 Habits. I started getting up early and started a morning routine. I made time to invest in myself first. At first I thought my health was a lost cause but the more I read about herbal medicine, fasting, working out and yoga, the more hope I had at curing myself. The research I read about cellular health changed my thinking on my side pain forever! I started applying self help systems from books I had read but this time I changed the systems so it was easy for my type of personality. I basically took out the stuff that drained my energy and tried different approaches. I used my previous training In the model of human behavior, so I was able to clearly see what aspects didn't fit my personality. This was the birth of my custom Personality Approach. I remembered how tracking my sales process in a different career helped me dial in exactly where I needed to make changes. I started to journal every day to track everything I was doing. I tracked my goals, feelings, success, failure, negative thoughts, ideas and if I thought things were getting better. I didn't see any changes for a long time. Things in my life got worse and worse but my attitude got better and better. Then almost over night all of the little micro tasks I was doing every day and all the positive self talk started to shift my reality. I had a tragic loss of multiple pets and through that period of time I realized the systems I created really worked. I knew I had to stay committed and even Raise My Level! I would constantly think, It Works!! How do I tell everyone? How do I get this out to everyone? Everyone has to know!  I built a studio in my home and was on my way, a podcast was the perfect solution! For a while I was talking to myself, I kept going. I wanted people to feel the power I did. This was all because I decided to take action. I hit some huge bench marks with listeners on my podcast and got an awesome corporate contract! I was just starting to think I made it. Then my home burned down to the ground. I lost everything. I was homeless with 5 dogs and no money. Everything I built and created for The Personality Movement was gone. The crazy thing was it didn't matter. The movement wasn't stoppable at this point. My action, my focus created something bigger than me. The Personality Movement was already being listened to in 30 countries with thousands of people applying my systems and seeing positive results. I had a dedication to this movement, this is the mark I will leave. There is no back up plan. I had a dedication t my people! I can't leave everyone in the depths of despair, where I started, when I have a real way for them to get out of it!

This is when the real transformation began. When the house was still on fire. I sent a friend of mine a message saying this will not slow me down, this will not stop me at all. I was going to keep moving and build The Personality Movement until we have a world changing impact. It all started with action. I was motivated to make changes out of fear of dying and leaving only a negative blip on this earth. It all starts with movement. Then you reach a level of commitment that is whatever it takes or you quit. You will come to this crossroad for the rest of your life if you keep quitting. That message I sent to my friend was really a message for myself. I was never going to stop building this movement, I wanted to remind myself of that. Nothing will stop me from changing the world. I was past just taking action. I was going to fight the battle of my mind every day and do whatever it takes. I didn't realize it but my inner Warrior was beginning to awaken. I became obsessed with hacking my mind and downloading new programming. I wanted to become an expert in every area of my life. I wanted to become an impactful personal development coach and corporate culture specialist. I wanted to master my craft and began to work constantly. I was relentless and crazy about my success. I became a Warrior constantly practicing with techniques and systems every day to become lethal against failure. I found some of my systems helped quicker than others and I was better at applying a few of them. Some I threw out completely. I kept developing more systems and refining them. This was a collection of 15 years and the beginning of the coaching and training part of The Personality Movement, The Personality Warrior Programs. I was going to help as many people awaken their inner warrior as I could. If every Warrior was like me and will do whatever it takes to exceed their potential and fulfill their purpose our World would be changed forever! Imagine an Army of Warriors dedicated to fulfilling their purpose. When you take action and push past all obstacles to fulfill your purpose you truly become a World Changer, your impact is generational. 

What about my first realization? What about Money? Don't worry, as soon as you follow the path of your purpose the money will never stop coming! The best way to do this is to Monetize Your Passion. My passion is to help people make real lasting change and exceed their potential. The Personality Movement has grown so many direction and is just getting started! You are The Personality Movement! Everyone who is taking action and seeking to understand themselves on a deeper level and genuinely connect with others is apart of The Movement. Everyone doing whatever it takes to become lethal against failure and develop an approach to monetize their passion is a part of the movement. Everyone impacting generations and inspiring others to fulfill their purpose is a part of the movement. We all have an Inner Warrior who will fight all odds to become a World Changer!

Lets get moving and change the world! Remember it starts with a thought that creates action!

Where do you start? Your first battle is within. The battle of the Mind! A Warrior dedicates time every day to train. Let's start with building your foundation. The Four Pillars of Mind Hacking Mastery are the foundation of your transformation and the framework of everything I've developed for over 15 years! I want you to start using them right away so I'm giving it away for free!


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