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If you're a real estate professional, then you know that generating leads is essential to your success. What if there was a way to generate leads passively, without having to put in the constant cold calling effort? Can you really have organized communication without playing phone tag and instead, have posture like the busy professional you are? Is it possible to collect leads in your sleep or while you are on vacation? Is it really possible to sell prospective clients without actively emailing and calling back and forth?
Yes you can. You can literally create your perfect assistant that works 24/7 building your business and filling your pipeline.  An Automated Sales Flow can help you develop an evergreen lead generation and sales funnel that will continue to bring in new leads even when you're not actively working. It is evergreen because once you create the content and publish it to the internet it will always be generating leads and sales for you.
This will also funnel your prospects into automatons that fit them. Some leads might just be looking casually while others need to move asap. You connect with client where they are, they feel understood. You will be able to help your clients with timed precision and a duplicatable, improvable process with endless scalability. No more end of the month crunch or closing table misunderstandings! An automated sales flow is key to lasting success!
The best place for you to begin putting effort is Content Marketing and Lead Magnet Creation. Lead Magnets are one of the most effective methods of passive lead development. Content Marketing is a long game strategy to build a prospective client list that you can communicate with and support directly. By creating helpful, informative content and making it available for free online, you can attract new leads and nurture them until they're ready to work with you!
One of the keys to making content marketing work is consistency. You're busy, don't worry, you don't need to go out of your way. You are writing emails and educating clients in person or on zoom with engaging valuable content you can capture and repurpose. You need to be regularly producing new content and promoting it. Once you get into a rhythm, it can be an incredibly powerful tool for generating leads and growing your business. Simply provide value that your ideal client would be looking for. What are some challenges you have had working with clients in the past? What areas went smoother when you were able to educate your client and provide professional guidance that built trust?
I used to pay a lot for leads and generated a lot of sales from cold calls. It is rough out there, I know how it can be. After a slow year back in 2008 I began to look for alternative ways to generate leads and make sales. I realized that I could only do so much. I was cold calling, leveraging personal relationships, networking and building new relationships with possible future clients but I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Plus sometimes I would forget to say certain things to clients and didn't always set the right expectations. It is a lot of work to juggle multiple clients at different stages in your sales flow. It can be overwhelming to maintain consistency and provide a high level of service. I was determined to find a way to take on more clients and provide an even higher level of service to every single client. How could I create a system that didn't make mistakes regardless of how many clients I had?
I started to automate client communication through email and made sure I had all the key things I wanted to ask each client sent to every client. I had automated emails to address every major point I wanted every client to know. Then I made sure I had reminders after certain steps from underwriting so the client would know what to expect next. This wasn't an overnight process. It took a while to set up each automated email for all of the different aspects of my sales flow and it is never really done. One benefit was, I could simply add automations when I noticed a lack of information or communication in my sales flow. Or if the same issue or concern came up with my clients, such as interest rate fluctuation, I could send them information to address that concern before they brought it up to me! When everyone else was struggling to make a sale I had customers waiting for me to call them back and begin their loan process. My automated sales process was selling for me! Clients were already working with me before I ever spoke with them on the phone! Realtors wanted to work with me because everything went smooth and the client was educated and supported throughout the entire process! The best part was I had more time and was more relaxed than ever before! Almost every response was automated. I set up notifications so I would know to personally reach out. I set them up at certain points throughout my sales process to personally connect with the client. They always expected my call and knew the main things we were going to talk about because I had an automated foreshadow email to give them a heads up and remind them of the call they scheduled. They respected my time and looked to me for guidance.
What if I told you that you could do the same thing?
If You use Lead Magnets and Content Marketing you will passively generate leads and grow your email marketing list 24/7. It's simple but it isn't easy. An automated sales flow allowed me to privately market directly to consumers that gave their information because they wanted to work with me or found value in what I provided. I was getting email addresses everyday because I offered value to my ideal client with a downloadable form, a simple service or useful information.
What's the best part about this? I still have those leads and continue to get new ones everyday!
If you're looking for a way to generate leads passively, then content marketing is the way to go.
I can show you how to set up an evergreen marketing and sales automation or email series that will continue to bring in new leads even when you're not actively working.
Take advantage of my experience and let me help you grow your business! In addition to generating leads directly with your content you can indirectly get business because of the value you provide to your clients and followers. Give them what they want and you will get clients with ease.
In order to generate leads that want your specific service you must give an offer of value in exchange for them signing up for your email marketing. It has to give them incentive to give you their personal email and welcome marketing from you. Some call this a lead magnet or action incentive.
Don't know what lead magnet to create? Try a moving checklist, helpful tips for first time home buyers, tips for improving credit, a helpful links list or anything your ideal customer could really use. They get the value offer if they give their email address and you get the lead. You also can ask them specific questions and direct them to a specific email automation that starts the relationship off right. It also shows an in-place process they can trust. They see you are a professional and have support systems that are meant to make the client experience exceptional, every time.
In addition to automating the lead collection process you can also automate your entire sales process, client on-boarding/setup, initial evaluation and a lot of client communication. You can set up an evergreen email series that will keep your leads engaged and interested in working with you. You can also create a duplicatable client on-boarding that sets each client up for success with you and allows you to dial in over time to maximize your conversion.
Educating your client is essential to a smooth sales flow. When a client is up to speed with how the process works, why it works that way and what to expect, you get an awesome client experience almost every time. If you don't, you have a channel for them to give feedback and allow you to correct the concern and automate a proactive plan for all future clients! Imagine if you could teach key principles about the real estate process once and make it available to every client at the perfect time in the sales process without having to actively educate the client. Instead you have the prerecorded and set up lesson that is emailed out to them at the perfect point in your dialed in sales process.
Videos, blogs and newsletters are a great way to get started with content marketing and automation without a lot of investment. And once you've got the hang of it, you can scale up your efforts and start generating even more leads and sales!
You will be starting off each client perfectly and having a scalable process allowing you to be present and on point for every client. You can do all of this with an automated sales flow!
If you are not using content marketing and automations in your business yet, now is the time to start. It will help you generate leads, make sales, and grow your business. Take advantage of my experience and let me help you get started today!
This is the real deal. You create content (videos, email campaigns, newsletters), direct to your lead magnet, make simple lead collection forms and value exchanges and have automations in place to direct prospects to specifically designed sales campaigns.
Once the prospect clicks on a certain link, takes a certain action or selects a certain answer on a form they are enrolled in an email sales campaign based off their action. This starts clear channels of communication, questionnaires to narrow down interests and needs, channels for feedback, clear expectations, an overview of your process and personal touch points to close the sale. Every aspect is automated. Everything is set up once and then dialed in over time to maximize results and conversion.
This allows you to work on your business and focus on growth without fears related to scaling. You will have ten times more clients with more time in your schedule.
I can show you how to set up an evergreen marketing and an automated sales flow that will continue to bring in new leads even when you're not actively working. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow your business passively! This isn't some complicated multi platform list of extra work. This is about all in one branding, marketing and client acquisition that is automated and endlessly scalable.

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