$9.00 USD or more

Warrior Guided Meditation Bundle

Be an expert with meditation the first time you sit down. It is simple and easy. You just press play and let go.

What you'll get:

  • 20 Minute Guided Breathing In Positive Meditation
  • 20 Minute Guided Relaxed Focus Meditation
  • 20 Minute Guided Sacred Space Meditation
  • A deep peaceful meditation experience every time you sit down
  • Noticeable positive results in your life

This is the real deal. Are you ready for an expert level meditation experience? You are going to love this!

What People Are Saying:

"Even better than your meditations on Audible!!"

Sarah L

"I needed this! Thank you!"

Paul M

"I have never felt like I actually meditated until I listened to your guided meditations. I can't believe how powerful they are. Simply Perfect! When is the next bundle coming out? Get the Affirmation bundle too!!!"

Andrea R

"Amazing! Your voice is perfect for this! I can't believe how amazing I felt. I bought all of your meditations on audible as well!!"

Sam G